Best Makeup Tips For A Successful First Date

One of the most important things that you have to accomplish on your first date is to leave a good first impression. You should look and behave as natural as you can, be yourself and emphasize all the good points that you possess. Just think about the romance, candles, nice wine, interesting dish and of course the butterflies in your stomach which all contribute to your first date.

1.    Your hair

You shouldn’t exaggerate on changing your hair-style, don’t even dye your hair the day before your first date. You can just go to your hairdresser for a wash up and a regular blow-dry, that way your hair will look more natural.

2.    Don’t do facials!

One of the first rules is that you don’t do any waxing at least a week before the first date, don’t pluck your eyebrows or your upper lip, not even the other parts of the body. You might be left with an irritated skin and you might even get a rash.

3.    Complexion

The best way is to look natural and not to add any kind of layers of powder to your skin. However, if you really want your skin to glow you should begin with a concealer in a shade that matches your skin tone and you can put it on your dark circles to cover them. You can also add just a little bit of powder but remember, always pay attention to your skin tone.

4. The makeup

You shouldn’t exaggerate with makeup! You should find the right one that emphasizes your best features. For example, for your eyes you should apply good quality mascara which will emphasize your eyelashes. Neutral, subtle palette for eye shading is great and you can go with a color which matches great with your eye color. Don’t apply glitter or any shiny shadows on your eyes, it can be too much. If you have any problems with choosing the right makeup you should look up at quality brands such as Jane Iredale makeup where you will definitely find the right one.

5. Nails

Believe it or not but guys really pay attention to your nails. They shouldn’t be a distraction if there is too much glitter on them or all kinds of colors, concentration should be on complementing your appearance. Nails should be neat and clean with a nail polish that you think suits you best.

6. Kissable lips

You want your lips to look kissable and beautiful so that your date would fall in love with them. Lip gloss can look great on you but guys don’t like lip gloss on their lips when they kiss you. So, you should avoid the sticky lip gloss. Also, pay attention on the amount of lipstick that you apply and on the color. If your makeup is neutral your lipstick should also be.

7. The beautiful perfume

One of the best tips for your first date is that you should go easy on the perfume. You want to smell perfect but you should be careful. Every individual has its own body scent and mixed with the right amount of perfume can be a winner. You should pick a scent that you usually do which fits you best, spray it in the air and just walk through it.Put a smile on your face, be positive and funny and with just a little effort with appearance your first date will turn out to be the best you ever had, and it can also mean the beginning of a new, romantic, adventures and beautiful love. Don’t be scared and try too much, just be yourself and everything will go as you hoped.


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