How To Care For Your Skin After A Peel

People often look for effective dermatological procedure to look younger and better. As we go on adding each year to our age, our body loses its capability of healing and the results become most apparent on our facial skin. Facial skin is the area that is the most sensitive and heavily exposed. As a result, the wrinkles and even uneven skin tone are visible quicker. Chemical peel is a proven solution to strip away skin layers. People suffering from severe acne that leaves marks on their face even after undergoing countless therapies can try the peeling process. This process can also be applied for the treatment milia, keratoidskin and rhytides in Chemical Peel San Juan Capistrano, Chemical Peel Dana Point, Chemical Peel Laguna Niguel.

Ointments, pills and creams for skin problems are very much easily available. However, often they are not of much use. There are three different types of chemical peels that are extremely effective. Depending on how deep the scars are on your skin, you can choose the required chemical peel. However, it is recommended that you undergo this treatment only through professional beautician or surgeons. They are the best to know the situation and severity of the scars and which kind of peel would be most suitable. The chemical peels are actually solutions formed with aluminum oxide crystals. One can repeat the use of the mild peel solution the skin has completely healed itself. However, the deep peel is only applied once as this may damage the skin tissue permanently if used repeatedly.Application of the solution is done after the skin has been thoroughly cleaned. Sometimes, the use of equipment used for the cleaning completely dries off the skin, so that the dead skins can be easily removed. Moreover, extreme precision and safety needs to be applied while applying the solution. The applied peel melts down the skin layer and removes scars as well as blemishes.

The procedure takes quality time to show the effect and is better that the laser resurfacing technique that is not really risk free. So, one must not settle for a cheaper skin therapy process or any of the unknown clinics for skin treatment. It is extremely important that the clinic or the salon is well-known for its services and positive results. Since milder chemical peels penetrate the least, there are lesser side effects on the skin. In some cases, one may experience mild stinging pain with the peeling solution. However, this pain goes away with time. In a few clinics like Chemical Peel San Juan Capistrano, Chemical Peel Dana Point, Chemical Peel Laguna Niguel, anesthesia or often damp or cool cloth is applied to reduce possible severe pain. Once the skin treatment procedure is over, sometimes a bandage is placed around the treatment area for a couple of days or until the next visit as recommended by the salon or clinic. Even after the bandage might be taken out after the next visit, the treated area is kept lubricated to prevent formation of any wound. Most patients are recommended cold compress to fight off possible pain and swelling. The complete recovery time for the chemical peel treatment process may be up to 21 days.

Types of peeling skin :

  • Skin peeling on fingers
  • Skin peeling on hands
  • Skin peeling on feet
  • Skin peeling between toes
  • Sunburn skin peeling


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