Light Therapy – A Super Useful Guide To Light Therapy For Skin

Light therapy is a completely new treatment process emerging in the market quite fast for its effective outcome. The process is economical and very simple. The person undergoing treatment is exposed to depression light waves of specific wavelength to get the suitable and desired results. The light waves have proven to treat skin disorders and cure certain skin diseases. Few of the common skin diseases that can be treated with blue light therapy are acne vulgaris, eczema and so on. With anti-aging methods being in much demand among a wide range of people, the treatment with light waves has shown tremendous results in this field. The popularity of this treatment method has helped many people to retain younger and supple skin.

To get a proven slower ageing process is now possible only with use of red light waves in this treatment benefits. Such light is used to achieve completely natural tanned color of bright skin in individuals. In fact, this particular method is found very effective in accelerating hair growth. Light waves are also found to accelerate blood circulation thereby promoting healthy skin in a natural way. Light therapy is a completely non-invasive method where no chemical substances are used. Therefore, it is considered as natural as one can possibly think of. With the help of this procedure, it is possible to completely remove inconsistent fine lines and eliminate wrinkles. Most salons use a 620 to 660 nm range of conventional machine box for lights therapies. For tanning purpose, a 633-nm light wave is used. Since this light wave is UV free, it does not have any negative impacts on any individual. While Botox is very expensive and LED therapy too delicate to adopt as a regular treatment process, light therapies are much in vogue.

Many people have an oily skin and therefore suffer because of acne mask formations. Some people also suffer from acne vulgaris – a disease resulting from harmful bacterial infection. With use of light therapy, it is possible to treat such acne by killing the bacteria without any skin damages. The wavelength of light used for this process is generally 415–430 nm. This light wave activates porphyrin in Propioni bacterium and damages the bacteria altogether to get rid of the disease. In case of a red light therapy, light waves of wavelength ranging from 620 nm to 700 nm penetrate the tissue to a certain depth (8 to 10 mm). Since human skin layers are made of water and blood vessels, it easily absorbs the light causing any wrinkles and age spots to disappear. In fact, this method is also applied for healing broken capillaries, scars and cuts that are deep in the skin. As a result, the skin becomes plumier and very young. Firming of the skin is also noticed with this treatment, giving the tired skin a glow. Such results are hardly experienced with other skin treatment procedures. Light Therapy San Juan Capistrano, Light Therapy Dana Point, Light Therapy Laguna Niguel improves moisture retention in an individual’s skin smoothing the layer and improving the complexion and color. In addition, blood circulation improves in the capillaries beneath the skin, thus adding a glow to the complexion. Till date, this procedure is the most popular and natural for skin treatment that promotes oxygenation and restoration of cellular activities in the skin in a natural way.


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