Microcurrent Facial Best At Home Skin Treatments

In a human body, injured tissues discharge electricity. Since this discovery was made, use of microcurrent to heal wounds and tissues has become one of the most acceptable therapies in most salons and beauty spa clinics. It has been noticed that with this therapy, the healing is about 250 to 350 percent faster than it actually would happen naturally. Use of micro current in the field of aesthetic came much later and even accidentally. It was noticed that this treatment helped in improving the facial tones and making the skin smoother. What is microcurrent in reality? A small electrical current that is similar in characteristics with the electrical current naturally present in our body. It is generated in such a less amount that it will require about one million of microcurrent machines to light up a 40 Watt bulb. So, it can neither be seen with normal light nor be felt. When any tissue inside the body is disrupted for any reason, this electricity helps to heal the tissue in a natural way. If this current does not flow for any reason, the healing process gets disrupted.

How is microcurrent used in beauty treatments? As we grow with age, the natural healing power of our skin reduces. As a result, our face develops unnecessary fine lines and wrinkles. In some cases, even sagging is formed because the face muscle loses its power to heal the tissues. Micro current facial therapy, which is offered in many beauty salons, assists in getting back the essence of younger looking skin by giving the client a facial lift.After the therapy, it seems as though the facial muscles and the skin have been given a workout of some sorts. The collagen which is responsible for giving the face its suppleness is activated. Production of elastin is stimulated and, at the same time, the muscles rejuvenate. Since the procedure is completely non-invasive and non-surgical, it is painless and quite safe. This therapy has not known to show any major side effects. However, pregnant women and heart patients are recommended against such therapies.

The skin consultants present in salons are well trained for different conditions. They are also well aware of what is best for a healthy glowing skin. So, they can bring in amazing results with the help of the wonderful microcurrent treatment. Most celebrities undergo this therapy to get an amazingly glowing skin before getting into the red carpet events. This therapy can be done at any time and as many times as needed.Besides having the most rejuvenated young and glowing skin, there are other benefits of the Microcurrent San Juan Capistrano, Microcurrent Dana Point, Microcurrent Laguna Niguel procedure for beauty. It promotes lymphatic drainage. It improves the regeneration of connective tissues. Similarly, even eyebrows and jaw lines become prominent. Face becomes well toned since there is little or no wrinkles at all post this treatment. The skin pigmentation also improves by several folds with this procedure. Micro current facial can be done frequently to develop a glowing and healthy facial skin.


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