Dresses For The Wedding

On the wedding, the bride and groom is undoubtedly the focus of the audience, but the people around them will inevitably become the leading roles, so the eight leading roles in the wedding (the bride and groom, both the father, mother, best man, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring boy), their wedding dresses 2012 must be the overall co-ordination! Following PERSON will talk about the special detailed dress, flowers, etc. and how to make a more coordinated perfect wedding!


The groom’s dress is easy to prepare than the bride, it can be tuxedo or suit. However, in order to ensure the grand formal atmosphere of the wedding, the groom and the bride’s dress need to be matched so as to avoid the embarrassment, under normal circumstances, the following costumes can cope with.

Daytime Wedding: Tuxedo (formal), Suit (informal)

Night Wedding: Tuxedo, accompanied by a white vest and bow tie (formal), a dark suit groom must hold hole flower, a floral button of hole flowers is in the bride’s bouquet, but flowers should not be too large.


When the bride accompanied by the “Wedding March” debut, and walk toward quietly the groom who has been waiting for, she is already the most dazzling star at the wedding. At this time the groom seems to be derogatory into a supporting role. Every bride wants to look very beautiful on her own big day. It really counts that wear what kind of dress.

First, you must consider the time and style of your wedding:

Second, you need to spare sufficient time in advance for order and try; Third, because usually, the wedding garment prices vary, you can find out the inexpensive one.

Color: You do not think that the white wedding dress is the only color to be used for a wedding, then think about from ivory to pink, very rich.

Style: the style of the wedding changes, so that you can select according to your own preferences and wedding style with a suitable casual wedding dresses, it can be romantic, be refined, and even very sexy.

Season: Also note that the wedding season. The majority of fabrics are suitable for all seasons, such as satin, tulle, and fine mesh; like chiffon, organza, they are only suitable for the hot summer months; velvet is a good choice for a winter wedding.

Processing Time: If you need a custom wedding, it is best for you four months in advance to prepare the design, production is about to spend three months, coupled with the modification of the nuances. Four months would be more abundant before the custom, you need a few weeks’ time to visit the website, read magazines or visit a local bridal salon to have a comprehensive understanding of the price, the wedding style, dress fabric. The bouquet is very important. Bouquet will not only make you brilliant, but it also determines the style of wedding bouquets and decorations.

Colour: White is the most classic color, but the bouquet of bright colors will make your wedding more vibrant.

Match with Your Dress: exquisite bouquet is suitable for the simple style wedding dress; beautiful dress matches with elegance and classic bouquet.

Suitable for your body: petite bride should not use oversized bouquet, a tall bride should try to avoid a small bouquet. Beyond your budget: in the flowers, you can have many choices, but the choice should be the season’s floral, which will save a lot of money.


[Dress] the bride’s father will accompany the bride together to walk the red carpet, he is a very important role in the wedding day. His dress and the best man’s dress – in most cases is a semi-formal dress. If your stepfather would like to attend the wedding ceremony, he should be your father wear; if he does not participate in the ceremony, thus he can wear clothing like guests.

[Flowers] father needs to hold the hole flower.


The bride’s mother usually will choose her dress, and then tell the groom’s mother her choice, and describe the details of the dress, so they dress in the style and color will be unified, not conflict, because they may together to welcome guests, they are supposed to appear in neat coordination. In addition, each mother has the right to choose their own feel comfortable with a decent dress style. The bride should respect their choice unless they take the initiative to seek the views of the bride. If the stepmother participates, the bride should consider thoroughly in advance to call the mother, in order for better coordination of the two wearings.

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