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Wrinkles!! What causes them?

I was looking in the mirror the other day and saw yet another wrinkle just below my mouth! How can you get a new wrinkle in just one day! So I started my research and yet another article to find out about this YOUTH INVASION! A Wrinkle also referred to as creases or expression lines are signs of aging. They are Caused by premature damage and normal aging. We are all aging and that is something we cannot control. Our metabolism slows down and this causes less collagen production and weaker elastin. The developing of new cells slows down. As we age we lose body fat and muscle strength. Would you believe that the bones shrink in the facial region!

Hormones also play an important role.

Sun exposure is the culprit for premature aging (hense my wrinkles- I was a sun worshipper at a young age) also pollution and smoking play a big factor. Have you noticed more wrinkles on one side of your face than the other side? Well in addition to gravity , our sleeping positions and repetitive facial moments also play a role.

When I turned 20 my skin finally cleared up from acne. At that time I decided to take care of my skin. It felt so good to have nice skin for once. I used and still do.. a full cleansing line which included a cleanser (twice a day), toner , masked two times a week and a moisturizer(twice a day).

Now my skin care regime consists of all the above including microderm abrasion (two times a week) as well as eye creams, line reducer, anti aging products which includes sunscreen for the day, a night cream and a cream to even out the tone of my skin as the sun has discolored it. I even treat myself to a facial lift mask once and while. If you want to know what I am using sign up in the beauty chat forum and I can tell you. I know that is sounds like a lot but my skin loves it and it has help to keep me looking somewhat younger than my age.

In my profession as a beauty consultant I am amazed at how many women who think they don’t have the time to take care of their skin and they will spend the money on everyone but themselves. Women often put themselves last , but who else will take care of them? There is a saying ,” if Mama’s not happy , nobody is happy. It is never too early or too late to take care of your skin. There are many wonderful products out there and you don’t have to spend a lot to get great products.


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