Fillers: All you Need to know Before Using Them

We are living in the digital age where we do not have to live with beauty adjustments.  We can alter our face, nose, lips, and even our brows with the help of technology to look young and beautiful. Millennial girls are crazy for pouts. If a woman cannot pout in that trendy style, then she does not have to panic but can go for a lip filler instead. 

And in case you are one of those pout-wishing women, then you need to know a lot of significant aspects about lip fillers before getting the same. This is not a simple, random treatment at the parlour, but a lip augmentation surgery using dermal fillers or injections. You need to know precisely what happens in this process. 

Know your ‘why’

We know that it is just a lip filler, but you should understand why you want to have them. Probably, you wish to have a gorgeous pout like the Insta-celebrities or TV actors out there. Or you want to look beautiful and radiant for your partner. Remember that you are a wonderful woman, but if you desire to seek more confidence, then go for a lip filler. 

Know about the content in the lip fillers 

Before you decide to go for lip fillers essex, you are supposed to know what is used in it. Remember that the expert will inject the substance into your lips and so, you have all the rights to know what it inside the instrument. Your practitioner should show you the contents and the box itself. If they are not willing to do so, then you have the answer. 

Check the reliability of the clinic 

You are supposed to check the legal credentials, reliability, and authenticity of the clinic. Check whether the practitioners are qualified and experienced enough to treat on your lips. You can have a word with the practitioner before the treatment. If they refrain from doing and refuse to have a discussion with you, then you ought to search for another clinic. You can ask for your friends or acquaintances who have undergone lip augmentation process for better references. 

Check whether the clinic is clean and hygienic 

Besides a qualified and competent practitioner, the clinic should also be clean and tidy as per sanitary standards. Unhygienic places or instruments can lead to dangerous infections and can be painful too. So, if you find that the clinic is not well-maintained and needs a clean-up itself, then switch to another clinic setting. 

The three types of lip fillers 

Though lip filler seems to be a universal term, there are three types of the same. 

  1. Restylane can provide you with shapely, voluminous lips and can last for 6-8 months. It has high elasticity and viscosity to firm and plumps up your lips. 
  2. Juvederm Volbella provides softness, subtle plumpness to your lips with effects lasting for one year. Your lips look radiant and less dramatic as compared to the other two lip fillers. If you wish to have a subtle impact and youthful lips, then this one is for you. 
  3. Juvederm Ultra XC gives you one-year lasting effects with a soft spread and sizing up of your lips. 

Always consult with your practitioner to know about the kind of lip filler to be used for your lips. Also, be clear about your requirements and openly discuss with the concerned experts. 

Be well-versed with the after-care regime 

Your new, improved pout requires a detailed after-care regime. So, be ready for it! You are required to take care of your lips by avoiding spicy foods, smoking, or using excessive lip products. Your lips require sufficient amount of hydration, and hence, drink lots of water every day. Apply ice on your pout as per the directions of your practitioner. 

In a nutshell, lip fillers are an excellent way to gain a soft, attractive pout. However, be mindful about the above things and seek consultation wherever required. Express your requirements, and understand whether the lip filler treatment is suitable for you or not. Bust off the myths and be well informed with the facts.


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