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I’ve recently been working on a personal creative zine project and it’s finally finished! I try to write poetry as often as I can as I find it hugely therapeutic and enlightening, but when I’m so busy with other work it’s hard to (not just find the time but also) clear my head of the everyday and just write. As motivation, I recently set myself the task of creating a poetry zine from home. The final things are finished and now on sale and will be used to raise money for WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature).

More About The Zine

I have an interest in tarot, tattoos and poetry and have combined these three passions in a zine that I have made by hand. I’ve picked tarot cards at random and written poetry in response to them. Tattoo artists from around the world have also contributed with art and illustrations.

Thanks To

  • UK tattooist Kat Winifred who has designed a STUNNING cover that depicts a lady holding the Death card
  • UK tattooist Arienette Ashman who has designed a gorgeous image of The Fool card
  • Stephanie Houldsworth, tattooer based in New Zealand who has kindly featured her The Lovers and Ace of Pentacles illustrations
  • Canada-based photographer and tattooist Helena Darling whose tarot tattoo features on the back page

All poems are written by me except The Empresswhich is a contribution from my mum who is a tarot reader:

How It Was Made

The zine was hand-typed on my vintage Imperial typewriter, then stuck onto paper by hand with glue alongside other photos, tarot cards, illustrations and dried flowers and leaves. The pages were then scanned, professionally printed and hand-stapled by me. The zines are 24 pages and full colour. There are no doubt mistakes, imperfections and wonky staples as I made them the old-fashioned way, just typed and didn’t look back, re-write or edit (there’s no erase button on a typewriter!)  There areONLY 15 ZINES so you are receiving a limited-edition creation that won’t be printed again making the zine.

How To Donate And Buy A Zine

Please donate at least £5 to the charity via my Just Giving page and  with your donation confirmation, name and full postal address. I am covering postage costs and will post to anyone in the world!


As mentioned, there are only 15 zines available and I will halt the fundraising page once all are sold, as quickly as I can. In the unlikely event that more than 15 people donate immediately and I can’t put the message up in time, there won’t be enough zines for the number of donations. When donating, please check that there aren’t already 15 donations on the page or a SOLD OUT message. If you’re not bothered about missing out on a zine and want to donate anyway, please do.

More About WWF

WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. Their mission is to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together. Read more about what they do on their website. It was really difficult to know which charity to raise money for with this project as there are so many doing amazing work. My own interest in tarot and witchcraft is linked to, and stems from, my love for nature and our raw planet and its elements. I’m definitely passionate about the environment and think as humans we cannot even comprehend the damage we have done, and are doing to Earth. I’d love to create more zines in the future that can be sold for a small donation to other environmental or animal charities – if you have any ideas or know of any charities that you think do a good job, comment your thoughts below.


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