The Fashion Week Survival Kit

Guide to the top gadgets, apps and over all tech items needed to maximize your fashion week experience is finally here. With several NY Fashion Week events under my belt, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are several gadgets, apps and accessories that are pretty handy when it comes down to making it through Fashion Week all the while keeping your sanity.

Fashionable Gadgets

Flip Video HD Cam: The Flip camcorders are built for mobility, but perhaps the coolest thing about the camera—aside from its compactness—is that it has a flip-out USB arm that connects directly to your computer for easy video uploads. The most important aspect of a camcorder is the video quality and the Flip really delivers. Its high definition video is crisp and the color is excellent. I own one and with crisp video, ease of use and simple uploading, it’s a great investment. Samsung TL220: The Samsung Dual View camera TL220 lets you see every scene in a new way. For all those self-photographers (like myself) just use the front LCD screen to set up the perfect shot – with you in it- to guarantee a perfect shot everytime. Complete with a touch screen, simple menu and sleek design it makes it easy to take it with you everywhere you go. Apple iPad: It’s the easiest way to showcase your blog fumble-free after an introduction. It is great for browsing the web and for email, it makes everything you do simple! No longer do you have to wait for your Mac or PC to boot up so you can browse the web, just press a button, hit the Safari icon and you are automatically connected to the internet. Plus 10 hours of battery life isn’t anything to sneeze at either. It isn’t meant to replace your main computer by any means, but the light-weight, sleek design and ease of mobility makes it a staple worth owning while working Fashion Week.

Fashionable Apps

Fashion Network: Fashion Network is a cool app that lists tons of videos from The Fashion Network TV channel. When you open it you’ll find a list of video titles and with one click you have fashionable video content. All of these videos are fashion related, and could be anything from models walking down the catwalk to interviews with fashion designers. It’s the best way to catch all the fashion action without having to clone yourself and, not to mention, great for killing time in between shows.’s iPhone and iPad app brings you the best of fashion—including ready-to-wear, menswear, and couture runway coverage from New York, Paris, Milan, and London—direct to your device, wherever you may be. Download now for the latest runway shows from fashion capitals around the world, automatically updated to display the most current season and shows. In addition to perusing every catwalk look, you can get up-to-the-moment party coverage worldwide as well as stream and watch’s entire video library, from runway clips to designer and celebrity profiles. Includes live fashion shows, party pics and celebrity/designer interviews. VogueStylist: For those watch and repeat fashion stylists, VogueStylist allows you to create personalized fashion and beauty looks based upon the top trends identified by Vogue Editors. Get the latest looks based on Vogue’s top trends each month, create your virtual wardrobe by taking photos of the clothes, accessories and beauty products that you own, browse the products from advertisers featured in Vogue and even save and publish your favorite products to Facebook. As a bonus – you get exclusives like special event invitations, product sampling offers,shopping discounts, and more.

Tech Accessories

Case Mate (BlackBerry users): Introducing you to the new BlackBerry savior…the BlackBerry FUEL. It’s a protective case, carrying solution, and extended battery life all in one. So from here on out you’re good to charge on the go. So, the next time you’re rushing to get to the next show and you forget your charger…relax, your BlackBerry is taken care of. The Fuel is rechargeable and available for several BlackBerry models. Mophie JuicePack Plus (iPhone users): The mophie juice pack plus has one of the largest juice pack batteries available that extends the battery life of your iPhone for hours! The juice pack plus also provides a sleek design with the protection of a hard shell case with a rubberized band. Since it is designed to more than double the time you have to record, take photos and have fashionable chats the mophie juice pack plus is the ultimate iPhone 4 battery case for your time at Fashion Week. Each one of these gadgets, apps and accessories have made my Fashion Week a bit easier and hopefully they’ll give you the same peace of mind so you’ll have time to worry about the important stuff (like getting front row seats at the next show).


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